Department of Mathematics


   The Department of Mathematics was created in 2008. In due course this Under Graduate Programme has got upgraded to Post Graduated level in 2014.This department functions efficiently under the able guidance and teaching of eminent faculty members.We work with devotion and we are committed to improve the quality of teaching in order to improve and to produce quality students to serve the county.This department provides quality education at the UG and PG level and the faculty members give intensive coaching and proper guidance to achieve the academic excellence in the students. Consequently the students pass out from this college with distinction and merit.As we all know, Mathematics is the father of all sciences. Our department aims at developing value-based knowledge of Mathematics in all its branches such as Geometry, Statistics, Algebra and Calculus, etc.This value-based knowledge in the long run will go to Nation building services by our students. Statistics is a subject, which is so very fundamental to implement the acquire knowledge in the field of Social science, in the Medical field, Economic, in the Agricultural sector and in all other fields of productivity.The NMEC is extended to B.Com., B.Com. (CA),B.B.A and other B.Sc. courses.This department also functions very efficiently with the distinguished members of Alumni Association to make the department progress further in order to serve the students community and through then we serve our mother country.