Alumni Association

Established in 2007, the MGR College Alumni Association (MGRCAA) serves as a vital link between former students and the college community. With a membership exceeding 4000 life members, MGRCAA fosters strong relationships and collaborates on programs that are mutually beneficial.

Alumni affiliated with MGRCAA have made remarkable strides on the global stage, showcasing the college’s impact worldwide. A cornerstone of MGRCAA’s initiatives is the establishment of awards and scholarships, aimed at recognizing and rewarding excellence in both academic and extracurricular endeavors.

These honors are bestowed annually during the prestigious award ceremony, held in conjunction with the MGRCAA day celebration. Furthermore, MGRCAA demonstrates its commitment to supporting current students by actively participating in placement activities, thereby facilitating their transition into the professional world.

Through its multifaceted efforts, MGRCAA continues to uphold the values and legacy of MGR College while nurturing a strong sense of community among its members.

Alumni Association Office Bearers

S. No.Name of the memberDesignationCategory
1Dr. A. Muthumoni Principal Chairman
2Dr. D. Santhi JesletHOD – Computer Science President
3Mr. C. Udaya KumarAsst. Professor - BCATreasurer
4Mr. T.V. ManjunathAsst. Professor - BBAJoint-Treasurer
5Ms. R. LalithaAsst. Professor – MathematicsPublic Relation Officer