M.Sc [Mathematics]

The Mathematics Department at our institution is a dynamic hub of intellectual inquiry and academic rigor. With a legacy of excellence spanning decades, our department is committed to nurturing a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and their real-world applications. Our distinguished faculty members are renowned experts in their fields, fostering an environment of innovation and critical thinking.

Through a comprehensive curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities, we empower students to explore the depths of mathematical theory and problem-solving skills. From foundational courses to advanced research opportunities, we prepare students for diverse career paths in academia, industry, and beyond, shaping the mathematicians of tomorrow.


The department was established in the academic year 2008-2009 with the aim of training individuals interested in advanced Mathematics research and teaching. It was upgraded to PG level in 2014 to offer quality education. With 11 motivated and qualified faculties, the department is actively engaged in both pure and applied mathematics research. Faculty members publish research articles in national and international journals to enhance knowledge.

The department shares its research findings with academic and industrial sectors through publications, lectures, collaborations, and consultations. Students participate in the NPTEL program twice a year, and elective courses allow them to explore their strengths and interests. 
The department offers foundation and specialized courses for UG and M.Sc. students, providing opportunities for careers in education and research. The faculty’s teaching responsibilities are complemented by active involvement in research.

Alumni have secured top positions in leading industries, reflecting the department’s commitment to producing competent professionals. The department aims to foster research, critical thinking, and determination among students through quality education, improving faculty publication profiles and promoting events like the Computational Excellence Contest (CEC).

Mathematics department in our college mainly focuses on

  • Fostering an encouraging environment to support students’ endeavours.
  • Cultivate analytical and quantitative reasoning skills in all students.
  • Provide individual or collaborative assistance to enhance students’ comprehension of mathematics.
  • Promote effective teaching methodologies by engaging in research, attending workshops, and conferences on teaching and learning.
  • Facilitate ongoing professional development for faculty members to support their career advancement.

Program Learning Outcomes

In the M.Sc Mathematics program, students will dive deep into advanced mathematical theories and methods, building a solid grasp of different branches like algebra, analysis, topology, and differential equations. You’ll sharpen your problem-solving skills by doing tough mathematical reasoning and thinking analytically. When you finish, you’ll show skill with abstract math ideas and use them in real-world areas like physics, engineering, computer science finance, and more. Through solo research projects and seminars, you’ll learn to critically review math literature and move mathematical knowledge forward yourself and with strong analytical and quantitative abilities, you’ll be ready for jobs in university research groups, data analysis, finance and other technologies

Career Opportunities

The Mathematics Department students from M.G.R. College have diverse career opportunities across various sectors. These include:

  1. Education:
    Opportunities as mathematics teachers in schools, colleges, and educational institutions.

  2. Research:
    Pursuing advanced studies and research in mathematics leading to careers as mathematicians, statisticians, or data scientists.

  3. Finance:
    Roles in banking, finance, and insurance sectors utilizing mathematical modeling and analysis for risk management, investment analysis, and financial forecasting.

  4. Technology:
    Careers in software development, IT consulting, and computer programming, leveraging mathematical algorithms and computational skills.

  5. Engineering:
    Opportunities in engineering firms, particularly in areas like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and aerospace engineering where mathematical modeling and analysis are integral.

  6. Government:
    Positions in government agencies and research organizations for data analysis, policy formulation, and statistical research.

  7. Actuarial Science:
    Roles as actuaries, assessing risk and uncertainty in financial and insurance sectors.

  8. Business Analytics:
    Careers in business analytics, market research, and consulting, utilizing mathematical modeling and data analysis techniques to drive business decisions.

  9. Academia:
    Pursuing careers as professors, lecturers, or researchers in academic institutions and universities.

  10. Entrepreneurship:
    Opportunities to start their own consulting firms, data analysis companies, or software development ventures focusing on mathematical solutions and analytics

Achievements of the Department

The Mathematics Department at our institution has achieved several milestones and made significant contributions:

  1. Establishment and Expansion: Established in 2008-2009, the department expanded to offer postgraduate programs in 2014, aiming to provide quality education and research opportunities in advanced mathematical areas.

  2. Faculty Excellence: The department boasts a dedicated team of 11 highly qualified faculty members actively engaged in teaching and research. Faculty members contribute to national and international journals, enriching the academic discourse.

  3. Research and Knowledge Sharing: Actively involved in research, the department shares its findings with academic and industrial sectors through publications, lectures, collaborations, and consultations. Faculty and students participate in NPTEL programs and present research articles in workshops and conferences.

  4. Student Engagement and Achievements: Students are encouraged to explore their strengths through elective courses and engage in extracurricular activities like NSS and JRC. The department provides foundation courses and specialized programs, preparing students for diverse career paths and research opportunities.

  5. Vision and Mission: The department aims to provide high-quality education, promote research, and foster a globally recognized environment for teaching and learning mathematics. It emphasizes value-based education, innovation, and excellence in educational and skill development processes.

  6. Alumni Success: Alumni have secured prominent positions in top-ranked industries, showcasing the department’s impact on students’ professional growth. The department continues to enhance its faculty publication profile and facilitate students’ participation in seminars, symposiums, and campus interviews.

Why choose Mathematics @ M.G.R College?

1. Top Infrastructure with all necessary equipments.

2. Connect with alumni and industry professionals through seminars, workshops, and guest lectures and expand your horizons.

3. Well Educated, Experienced & Supportive Faculties

4. Ensures placement and offers training opportunities.

5. Practical Focus in Curriculum

6. Centralized Library with Adequate books

7. Boys & Girls Separate Hostel

8. All in One Campus (Food Court, Indoor & Outdoor Games)

9. Guest Lectures from Industry experts

10.Gain insight into the practical applications of mathematics in diverse fields such as science, engineering, finance, and technology.



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