Extension Activities

Extension activities, like the NSS, YRC, RRC encompass engagements beyond traditional academic boundaries. These initiatives involve students in community-oriented projects, volunteer work, and social service. Extension activities contribute to holistic development by fostering a sense of social responsibility, leadership, and civic engagement. They provide students with practical experiences, promote teamwork, and enhance their understanding of societal issues. Participation in extension activities complements formal education, offering valuable opportunities for personal growth, community impact, and the cultivation of well-rounded individuals.

Our Institution offers students the opportunity to participate in extension activities as part of their curriculum. Extension work is done under the umbrella of the National Service Scheme, Youth Red Cross and Red Ribbon Club. It is mandatory for students to take part in extra-curricular activities and it carries credits for the service done by them. Awareness is raised by co-ordinators of extension programmes’ in the college on
–> The relevance of participation in social service activities and
–> The mandatory nature of the programme, as part of the CBCS pattern
  • NSS (National Service Scheme): NSS focuses on community service, emphasizing the importance of active participation in social and environmental initiatives.

    Engaging in activities such as organizing health camps for medical check-ups, blood donation drives, and awareness programs on sanitation and hygiene. NSS aims to develop well-rounded individuals committed to the betterment of society.

Motto : “NOT ME BUT YOU”

  • YRC (Youth Red Cross): YRC is committed to promoting health, well-being, and humanitarian values among young people. Through initiatives like first aid training, blood donation drives, and disaster preparedness programs.
    YRC empowers students to be proactive contributors to the health and welfare of their communities.

Motto  :  “I SERVE

  •  RRC (Red Ribbon Club): RRC primarily addresses the critical issue of HIV/AIDS. By conducting awareness campaigns, organizing counseling services, and advocating for safe practices.
    RRC seeks to eliminate the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS while promoting a healthy lifestyle and responsible behavior.

Motto :”SAVE A LIFE,

-> Together, NSS, YRC, and RRC form a triad of student-led organizations, inspiring a spirit of service, health consciousness, and social activism among the youth. These clubs create platforms for students to translate academic knowledge into real-world impact, fostering a generation of socially aware and compassionate individuals.

Routine Works

  • Volunteer Work
  • Planting Trees
  • Organizing Blood Group Detection and Blood Donation Camps
  • Conducting Cleanliness
  • Campaigns
  • Forming Human Chains
  • Adopting Nearby Villages for Development Contribution
  • Cleaning the Campus
  • Commemorating Important Days
  • Hosting Orientation Camps
  • Student Participation in Statewide Seminars
  • Cultural Activities for Personality Development
  • Fundraising for Benevolent Initiatives
  • Celebrating and Observing Events such as World Environment Day, World AIDS Day, Women’s Day, etc.
  • Programs for Traffic and Voter Awareness



NSS Programme Officer Unit – I

Miss. I.Sadiya Begum

NSS Programme Officer Unit – II

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