Calendar 2024-2025 [Update - Coming Soon]

Date Day Events
01-May-24 Wednesday
02-May-24 Thursday
03-May-24 Friday
04-May-24 Saturday
05-May-24 Sunday Holiday
06-May-24 Monday
07-May-24 Tuesday
08-May-24 Wednesday
09-May-24 Thursday
10-May-24 Friday
11-May-24 Saturday
12-May-24 Sunday Holiday
13-May-24 Monday
14-May-24 Tuesday
15-May-24 Wednesday
16-May-24 Thursday
17-May-24 Friday
18-May-24 Saturday
19-May-24 Sunday Holiday
20-May-24 Monday
21-May-24 Tuesday
22-May-24 Wednesday
23-May-24 Thursday
24-May-24 Friday
25-May-24 Saturday
26-May-24 Sunday Holiday
27-May-24 Monday
28-May-24 Tuesday
29-May-24 Wednesday
30-May-24 Thursday
31-May-24 Friday
01-Jun-24 Saturday
02-Jun-24 Sunday Holiday
03-Jun-24 Monday
04-Jun-24 Tuesday
05-Jun-24 Wednesday World Environment Day
06-Jun-24 Thursday
07-Jun-24 Friday
08-Jun-24 Saturday
09-Jun-24 Sunday Holiday
10-Jun-24 Monday
11-Jun-24 Tuesday
12-Jun-24 Wednesday
13-Jun-24 Thursday
14-Jun-24 Friday World Blood Donar Day 
15-Jun-24 Saturday
16-Jun-24 Sunday Holiday
17-Jun-24 Monday
18-Jun-24 Tuesday
19-Jun-24 Wednesday
20-Jun-24 Thursday
21-Jun-24 Friday International Yoga Day 
22-Jun-24 Saturday
23-Jun-24 Sunday Holiday
24-Jun-24 Monday
25-Jun-24 Tuesday
26-Jun-24 Wednesday
27-Jun-24 Thursday
28-Jun-24 Friday
29-Jun-24 Saturday
30-Jun-24 Sunday Holiday
01-Jul-24 Monday National Doctors Day
02-Jul-24 Tuesday
03-Jul-24 Wednesday
04-Jul-24 Thursday
05-Jul-24 Friday
06-Jul-24 Saturday
07-Jul-24 Sunday Holiday
08-Jul-24 Monday
09-Jul-24 Tuesday
10-Jul-24 Wednesday
11-Jul-24 Thursday
12-Jul-24 Friday
13-Jul-24 Saturday
14-Jul-24 Sunday Holiday
15-Jul-24 Monday
16-Jul-24 Tuesday
17-Jul-24 Wednesday
18-Jul-24 Thursday
19-Jul-24 Friday
20-Jul-24 Saturday
21-Jul-24 Sunday Holiday
22-Jul-24 Monday
23-Jul-24 Tuesday
24-Jul-24 Wednesday
25-Jul-24 Thursday
26-Jul-24 Friday
27-Jul-24 Saturday
28-Jul-24 Sunday Holiday
29-Jul-24 Monday
30-Jul-24 Tuesday
31-Jul-24 Wednesday
01-Aug-24 Thursday
02-Aug-24 Friday
03-Aug-24 Saturday
04-Aug-24 Sunday Holiday
05-Aug-24 Monday
06-Aug-24 Tuesday
07-Aug-24 Wednesday Friendship Day
08-Aug-24 Thursday
09-Aug-24 Friday
10-Aug-24 Saturday
11-Aug-24 Sunday Holiday
12-Aug-24 Monday International Youth Day
13-Aug-24 Tuesday
14-Aug-24 Wednesday
15-Aug-24 Thursday Independence Day 
16-Aug-24 Friday
17-Aug-24 Saturday
18-Aug-24 Sunday Holiday
19-Aug-24 Monday
20-Aug-24 Tuesday
21-Aug-24 Wednesday
22-Aug-24 Thursday
23-Aug-24 Friday
24-Aug-24 Saturday
25-Aug-24 Sunday Holiday
26-Aug-24 Monday
27-Aug-24 Tuesday
28-Aug-24 Wednesday
29-Aug-24 Thursday National Sports Day 
30-Aug-24 Friday
31-Aug-24 Saturday
01-Sep-24 Sunday Holiday
02-Sep-24 Monday
03-Sep-24 Tuesday
04-Sep-24 Wednesday
05-Sep-24 Thursday Teachers Day
06-Sep-24 Friday
07-Sep-24 Saturday
08-Sep-24 Sunday International Literacy Day 
09-Sep-24 Monday
10-Sep-24 Tuesday
11-Sep-24 Wednesday
12-Sep-24 Thursday First Aid Day 
13-Sep-24 Friday
14-Sep-24 Saturday
15-Sep-24 Sunday Holiday
16-Sep-24 Monday
17-Sep-24 Tuesday
18-Sep-24 Wednesday
19-Sep-24 Thursday
20-Sep-24 Friday
21-Sep-24 Saturday International Peace Day 
22-Sep-24 Sunday Holiday
23-Sep-24 Monday
24-Sep-24 Tuesday
25-Sep-24 Wednesday
26-Sep-24 Thursday
27-Sep-24 Friday
28-Sep-24 Saturday
29-Sep-24 Sunday Holiday
30-Sep-24 Monday
01-Oct-24 Tuesday
02-Oct-24 Wednesday Gandhi Jayanthi Holiday 
03-Oct-24 Thursday
04-Oct-24 Friday
05-Oct-24 Saturday
06-Oct-24 Sunday Holiday
07-Oct-24 Monday
08-Oct-24 Tuesday
09-Oct-24 Wednesday
10-Oct-24 Thursday
11-Oct-24 Friday
12-Oct-24 Saturday
13-Oct-24 Sunday Holiday
14-Oct-24 Monday
15-Oct-24 Tuesday
16-Oct-24 Wednesday
17-Oct-24 Thursday
18-Oct-24 Friday
19-Oct-24 Saturday
20-Oct-24 Sunday Holiday
21-Oct-24 Monday
22-Oct-24 Tuesday
23-Oct-24 Wednesday
24-Oct-24 Thursday
25-Oct-24 Friday
26-Oct-24 Saturday
27-Oct-24 Sunday Holiday
28-Oct-24 Monday
29-Oct-24 Tuesday
30-Oct-24 Wednesday
31-Oct-24 Thursday
01-Nov-24 Friday
02-Nov-24 Saturday
03-Nov-24 Sunday Holiday
04-Nov-24 Monday
05-Nov-24 Tuesday
06-Nov-24 Wednesday
07-Nov-24 Thursday
08-Nov-24 Friday
09-Nov-24 Saturday
10-Nov-24 Sunday World Immunisation Day
11-Nov-24 Monday
12-Nov-24 Tuesday
13-Nov-24 Wednesday
14-Nov-24 Thursday Childrens Day 
15-Nov-24 Friday
16-Nov-24 Saturday
17-Nov-24 Sunday Holiday
18-Nov-24 Monday
19-Nov-24 Tuesday
20-Nov-24 Wednesday
21-Nov-24 Thursday
22-Nov-24 Friday
23-Nov-24 Saturday
24-Nov-24 Sunday Holiday
25-Nov-24 Monday
26-Nov-24 Tuesday
27-Nov-24 Wednesday
28-Nov-24 Thursday
29-Nov-24 Friday
30-Nov-24 Saturday
01-Dec-24 Sunday World Aids Day 
02-Dec-24 Monday
03-Dec-24 Tuesday
04-Dec-24 Wednesday Indian Navy Day
05-Dec-24 Thursday
06-Dec-24 Friday
07-Dec-24 Saturday
08-Dec-24 Sunday Holiday
09-Dec-24 Monday
10-Dec-24 Tuesday Human Rights Day 
11-Dec-24 Wednesday
12-Dec-24 Thursday
13-Dec-24 Friday
14-Dec-24 Saturday
15-Dec-24 Sunday Holiday
16-Dec-24 Monday
17-Dec-24 Tuesday
18-Dec-24 Wednesday
19-Dec-24 Thursday
20-Dec-24 Friday
21-Dec-24 Saturday
22-Dec-24 Sunday Holiday
23-Dec-24 Monday
24-Dec-24 Tuesday
25-Dec-24 Wednesday Christmas
26-Dec-24 Thursday
27-Dec-24 Friday
28-Dec-24 Saturday
29-Dec-24 Sunday Holiday
30-Dec-24 Monday
31-Dec-24 Tuesday
01-Jan-25 Wednesday New Year – Holiday
02-Jan-25 Thursday
03-Jan-25 Friday
04-Jan-25 Saturday
05-Jan-25 Sunday Holiday
06-Jan-25 Monday
07-Jan-25 Tuesday
08-Jan-25 Wednesday
09-Jan-25 Thursday
10-Jan-25 Friday
11-Jan-25 Saturday
12-Jan-25 Sunday National Youth Day 
13-Jan-25 Monday
14-Jan-25 Tuesday
15-Jan-25 Wednesday
16-Jan-25 Thursday
17-Jan-25 Friday
18-Jan-25 Saturday
19-Jan-25 Sunday Holiday
20-Jan-25 Monday
21-Jan-25 Tuesday
22-Jan-25 Wednesday
23-Jan-25 Thursday
24-Jan-25 Friday
25-Jan-25 Saturday
26-Jan-25 Sunday Republic Day
27-Jan-25 Monday
28-Jan-25 Tuesday
29-Jan-25 Wednesday
30-Jan-25 Thursday
31-Jan-25 Friday
01-Feb-25 Saturday
02-Feb-25 Sunday Holiday
03-Feb-25 Monday
04-Feb-25 Tuesday World Cancer Day 
05-Feb-25 Wednesday
06-Feb-25 Thursday
07-Feb-25 Friday
08-Feb-25 Saturday
09-Feb-25 Sunday Holiday
10-Feb-25 Monday
11-Feb-25 Tuesday
12-Feb-25 Wednesday
13-Feb-25 Thursday
14-Feb-25 Friday
15-Feb-25 Saturday
16-Feb-25 Sunday Holiday
17-Feb-25 Monday
18-Feb-25 Tuesday
19-Feb-25 Wednesday
20-Feb-25 Thursday
21-Feb-25 Friday
22-Feb-25 Saturday
23-Feb-25 Sunday Holiday
24-Feb-25 Monday
25-Feb-25 Tuesday
26-Feb-25 Wednesday
27-Feb-25 Thursday
28-Feb-25 Friday National Science Day
01-Mar-25 Saturday
02-Mar-25 Sunday Holiday
03-Mar-25 Monday World Wildlife Day 
04-Mar-25 Tuesday National Safety Day 
05-Mar-25 Wednesday
06-Mar-25 Thursday
07-Mar-25 Friday
08-Mar-25 Saturday International Womens Day 
09-Mar-25 Sunday Holiday
10-Mar-25 Monday
11-Mar-25 Tuesday
12-Mar-25 Wednesday
13-Mar-25 Thursday
14-Mar-25 Friday
15-Mar-25 Saturday
16-Mar-25 Sunday Holiday
17-Mar-25 Monday
18-Mar-25 Tuesday
19-Mar-25 Wednesday
20-Mar-25 Thursday
21-Mar-25 Friday
22-Mar-25 Saturday
23-Mar-25 Sunday Holiday
24-Mar-25 Monday
25-Mar-25 Tuesday
26-Mar-25 Wednesday
27-Mar-25 Thursday
28-Mar-25 Friday
29-Mar-25 Saturday
30-Mar-25 Sunday Holiday
31-Mar-25 Monday
01-Apr-25 Tuesday
02-Apr-25 Wednesday
03-Apr-25 Thursday
04-Apr-25 Friday
05-Apr-25 Saturday
06-Apr-25 Sunday Holiday
07-Apr-25 Monday
08-Apr-25 Tuesday
09-Apr-25 Wednesday
10-Apr-25 Thursday
11-Apr-25 Friday
12-Apr-25 Saturday
13-Apr-25 Sunday Holiday
14-Apr-25 Monday Dr. Ambedkar Birthday
15-Apr-25 Tuesday
16-Apr-25 Wednesday
17-Apr-25 Thursday
18-Apr-25 Friday
19-Apr-25 Saturday
20-Apr-25 Sunday Holiday
21-Apr-25 Monday
22-Apr-25 Tuesday
23-Apr-25 Wednesday
24-Apr-25 Thursday
25-Apr-25 Friday
26-Apr-25 Saturday
27-Apr-25 Sunday Holiday
28-Apr-25 Monday
29-Apr-25 Tuesday
30-Apr-25 Wednesday
01-May-25 Thursday Labours Day -Holiday
02-May-25 Friday
03-May-25 Saturday
04-May-25 Sunday Holiday
05-May-25 Monday
06-May-25 Tuesday
07-May-25 Wednesday
08-May-25 Thursday Red Cross Day 
09-May-25 Friday
10-May-25 Saturday
11-May-25 Sunday Holiday
12-May-25 Monday
13-May-25 Tuesday
14-May-25 Wednesday
15-May-25 Thursday
16-May-25 Friday
17-May-25 Saturday
18-May-25 Sunday Holiday
19-May-25 Monday
20-May-25 Tuesday
21-May-25 Wednesday
22-May-25 Thursday
23-May-25 Friday
24-May-25 Saturday Commonwealth Day 
25-May-25 Sunday Holiday
26-May-25 Monday
27-May-25 Tuesday
28-May-25 Wednesday
29-May-25 Thursday
30-May-25 Friday
31-May-25 Saturday Anti-Tobacco Day 
01-Jun-25 Sunday Holiday
02-Jun-25 Monday
03-Jun-25 Tuesday
04-Jun-25 Wednesday
05-Jun-25 Thursday World Environment Day
06-Jun-25 Friday
07-Jun-25 Saturday
08-Jun-25 Sunday Holiday
09-Jun-25 Monday
10-Jun-25 Tuesday
11-Jun-25 Wednesday
12-Jun-25 Thursday
13-Jun-25 Friday
14-Jun-25 Saturday World Blood Donar Day 
15-Jun-25 Sunday Holiday
16-Jun-25 Monday
17-Jun-25 Tuesday
18-Jun-25 Wednesday
19-Jun-25 Thursday
20-Jun-25 Friday
21-Jun-25 Saturday International Yoga Day 
22-Jun-25 Sunday Holiday
23-Jun-25 Monday
24-Jun-25 Tuesday
25-Jun-25 Wednesday
26-Jun-25 Thursday
27-Jun-25 Friday
28-Jun-25 Saturday
29-Jun-25 Sunday Holiday
30-Jun-25 Monday

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