At MGR College, we prioritize providing essential facilities to ensure a conducive learning environment for our students. Our campus hosts convenient amenities such as an Indian Bank branch and ATM, offering easy banking services for students and staff alike. Additionally, our bank stationery shops ensure that students have access to necessary materials for their academic pursuits.

To cater to the diverse needs of our community, we have a well-equipped food court and canteen serving a variety of nutritious meals. For those looking for a quick refreshment, we also have juice shops conveniently located across the campus.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of postal services, which is why we have an India Post office on-site, providing mailing and courier services to our students and faculty.

At MGR College, we are committed to fostering an environment where students can thrive academically and personally, and our range of facilities is designed to support their holistic development.

Bank, ATM, Post office & Stationery Stores

In addition to Telelinks & Xerox, MGR College also features convenient stationery stores within the campus premises. These stores offer a wide range of essential stationery items, and other supplies necessary for academic and administrative tasks. With these stationery stores readily available, students and staff can easily purchase the items they need without having to leave the campus.

Furthermore, MGR College provides banking and postal services within its premises to cater to the needs of its students and staff. A branch of Indian Overseas Bank is situated on campus, offering 24-hour ATM services as well as regular banking facilities. Many students maintain their accounts with this bank, making transactions convenient and accessible. Additionally, the campus houses a branch of the India Post Office, providing essential postal services to students and staff, further enhancing the convenience and accessibility of essential amenities within the college


At MGR College, we take pride in offering top-notch dining facilities to cater to the needs of both our staff and students. We have two spacious dining halls, one dedicated to staff members with a capacity of 250, and the other for students, accommodating up to 480 individuals. These dining halls are thoughtfully furnished to provide a comfortable and inviting environment for meals.

Our cafeteria features a modernized kitchen equipped to prepare a wide array of delicious meals. In addition to serving wholesome meals, the canteen stocks a variety of bakery items, cold drinks, ice creams, fruit juices, and snacks to satisfy diverse tastes and preferences. For those in need of a quick caffeine boost or a refreshing beverage, we also offer coffee and tea vending machines.

At MGR College, we understand the importance of providing quality dining experiences that contribute to the overall well-being and satisfaction of our college community.


Gym & Auditoriums

MGR College features modern amenities to promote physical fitness and facilitate cultural events, including a well-equipped gymnasium and versatile indoor and outdoor auditoriums. The gym offers various exercise machines and equipment to support diverse fitness routines for students and staff. Meanwhile, the indoor auditorium serves as a multipurpose venue for seminars, workshops, and cultural performances, Additionally, the outdoor auditorium provides a scenic backdrop for outdoor events, encouraging a vibrant campus atmosphere. These facilities collectively contribute to a dynamic and enriching college experience, fostering holistic development and community engagement among students and faculty.

Medical Facilities

MGR College prioritizes the health and well-being of its staff and students by providing access to timely medical assistance through its collaboration with St. Peter’s Medical College and Research Institute, conveniently located near the campus.

This partnership ensures round-the-clock availability of doctors, along with essential medical facilities such as a blood bank and pharmacy services. Additionally, the college offers 24/7 ambulance services for medical emergencies, with a dedicated hotline for immediate assistance.

With these comprehensive medical facilities in place, MGR College aims to ensure the safety and health of its college community at all times.



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