Internal Complaints Committee

The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) at MGR College is a dedicated body responsible for addressing complaints related to sexual harassment and discrimination within the college campus. Comprised of faculty members, administrative staff, and student representatives, the ICC ensures the fair and impartial handling of complaints, maintaining confidentiality and sensitivity throughout the process.

ICC conducts inquiries into reported incidents, provides support to victims, and takes appropriate disciplinary actions against perpetrators, in compliance with the guidelines outlined by the institution and relevant legal frameworks such as the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act

Internal Complaints Committee's Policy

The ICC policy at MGR College outlines the institution’s commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful environment free from sexual harassment and discrimination. The policy defines the roles and responsibilities of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in addressing complaints, ensuring confidentiality, and providing support to victims. It emphasizes the zero-tolerance approach towards any form of harassment or discrimination and highlights the procedures for filing complaints, conducting investigations, and implementing disciplinary actions against perpetrators. Additionally, the policy underscores the importance of awareness, prevention, and regular training programs to promote a culture of respect and gender sensitivity among all members of the college community.


  • To facilitate a safe niche that is free of sexual harassment.
  • To cultivate the procedures and norms for a policy against sexual harassment.
  • To work out niceties for the execution of the policy.
  • To prepare a comprehensive plan of action, both short and long term.

Remedial Steps

  • To guarantee that the mechanism for recording grievance is secured, open and sensitive.
  • To provide appropriate psychological, emotional and physical care through personal counselling.

Activities of the Cell

  • The committee ensures that all women stakeholders of the institution have proper awareness on curbing sexual harassment by conducting workshops and seminars


  • Regular meetings of the committee members to work on the complaints, if any


  • Documentation of the complains (If any) after thorough investigation and maintenance of confidentiality


  • To pact with issues of discrimination and sexual Harassment in a time bound manner, and to provide services to the victimized


  • Conduct of Awareness programmes and campaigns on gender equality, elimination of gender bias or discrimination, sexual harassment, and other acts of gender-based violence 

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Ms. P. P. S. Vijayalakshmi
Head – HMCS
M.G.R College,
Hosur – 635 130

Composition of Internal Complaints Committee

S.NoNameDesignationRoleContact No
2Ms. D. MaheswariAsst.Professor-MicrobiologyMember9751184667
3Dr. K. JanakiAsst.Professor-PhysicsMember7618757123
4Dr. G. KeerthanaAsst.Professor–BiotechnologyMember8778433152

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