Ph.D [Commerce]

The Ph.D. in Commerce program at MGR College offers a rigorous academic experience tailored to develop scholars in the field of commerce. With a focus on cutting-edge research and theoretical exploration, the program equips students with advanced knowledge and expertise in areas such as finance, marketing, accounting, and business management.

Under the mentorship of experienced faculty members, doctoral candidates engage in interdisciplinary study and scholarly inquiry to contribute new insights to the field. Through a combination of coursework, seminars, and dissertation work, students are prepared to pursue careers in academia, research institutions, industry, and government sectors upon graduation.


The Department of Commerce, an integral part of our college since its establishment in 1988, has grown into a pillar of academic distinction. Offering a spectrum of programs including B.Com, B.Com [Computer Applications], M.Com, and Ph.D., the department caters to the diverse facets of commerce education. The Department of Commerce has carved a legendary status for consistently producing exceptional students, preparing them to navigate the challenges of the contemporary competitive landscape.

From its inception, the department has been unwavering in its commitment to empower students in the field of commerce, fostering an environment enriched with ethical values. Serving as an alma mater for all alumni, it evokes fond memories and pride in the achievements of numerous rank holders and gold medalists who have graced its corridors over the years.

Beyond academic excellence, the department’s legacy extends to shaping the professional journeys of its graduates. With each passing year, it remains dedicated to upholding the standards of excellence, ensuring it continues to be a source of inspiration for current and future generations of commerce students.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Ph.D. program in Commerce at MGR College aims to cultivate advanced research skills and expertise in commerce-related disciplines. Students will demonstrate proficiency in conducting independent research, analyzing complex business issues, and generating innovative solutions. Through rigorous coursework and dissertation work, candidates will develop critical thinking abilities, research methodologies, and scholarly writing skills.

Additionally, they will contribute to the advancement of knowledge in commerce through publication and dissemination of their research findings. Graduates will be prepared for careers in academia, research institutions, government agencies, and industry, where they can apply their expertise to address contemporary business challenges.

Career Opportunities

A Ph.D. in Commerce opens up various career opportunities across academia, research institutions, government bodies, and industry sectors.

  • Academic Careers:  Ph.D. holders in commerce can pursue careers as professors or researchers in universities, colleges, and research institutions.

  • Research Positions: They can work as research analysts, economists, or consultants in think tanks, policy research organizations, and market research firms.

  • Government Roles: Opportunities exist in government departments, regulatory bodies, and public policy organizations for roles related to economic analysis, financial regulation, and policy formulation.

  • Corporate Sector: Ph.D. holders can find roles in corporate research and development, strategic planning, data analysis, and market research departments of companies.

  • Entrepreneurship: Some Ph.D. graduates choose to start their own consulting firms, advisory services, or entrepreneurial ventures in areas such as finance, marketing, and business strategy.

Achievements of the Department

  • Achieved 51 University Ranks and earned 5 University Gold Medals.

  • Secured placement for 90% of students in renowned MNCs including Infosys, Wipro, Sutherland, TCS, CTS, ICICI, and more.

  • Proudly produced numerous successful entrepreneurs among our alumni.

  • Over 100 B.Com and B.Com CA students have undergone specialized training and certification programs conducted by IBM and NASSCOM.

  • Consistent track record of academic excellence and recognition at the university level.

  • Fostering a culture of achievement, with a strong emphasis on both academic and practical skills.

  • Establishing strong industry connections, reflected in high placement rates.

  • Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, leading to a significant number of student ventures.

  • Collaborative partnerships with top-tier companies, ensuring students receive industry-relevant training.

  • A commitment to preparing students for both corporate success and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Why choose Ph.D [Commerce] @ M.G.R College?

  1. 1. Comprehensive infrastructure facilities for students’ overall development.

  2. 2. Highly qualified faculty members, many with Ph.D. qualifications.

    3. Well-equipped computer labs with internet access.

    4. Modern teaching methods using OHP and LCD for interactive classrooms.

    5. Regular personality development programs to enhance students’ soft skills.

    6. Practical training opportunities in Banking, Finance, and Insurance sectors.

    7. Emphasis on honing skills essential for competitive exams and interviews.

    8. Supportive learning environment fostering holistic growth.

    9. Centralized Library with Adequate books

    10. All in One Campus (Food Court, Indoor & Outdoor Games)

    11. Multi language Faculties & Students

    12. Practical Focus in Curriculum

    13. Guest Lectures from Industry experts

    14. Integration of theoretical knowledge with practical applications.

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Contact - Commerce Department

Mathivanan D

HOD – Department of Commerce

Hall of fame - Commerce department

Sl. No.Student NameDegreeBatchRank
1Mahalakshmi.RM.Com2018 – 20203
2Anoosha.PB.Com [C.A]2017 – 20202
3Kanagavalli.DB.Com2017 – 20208
4Priya.VB.Com2016 – 20194
5Priya Ranjani.RB.Com2016 – 20195
6Sivanesan.EB.Com2015 – 201810
7Abisha.MB.Com2014 – 201710
8Rudresh.SB.Com [C.A]2014 – 20172
9Venu.MB.Com [C.A]2014 – 20174
10Lalitha.SB.Com2013 – 20167
11Mounika.DB.Com2013 – 20168
12Lavanya.CM.Com2014 – 20167
13Malasree.MM.Com2014 – 20168
14Mamatha.GM.Com2014 – 201610
15Balathripura sundari.VM. Phil2014 – 20164
16Manimegalai.KM. Phil2014 – 20169
17Bharathi.TM. Phil2014 – 201610
18Priyadarshini.SB.Com2012 – 20158
19Reshma.MB.Com [C.A]2012 – 201510
20Maheshwari.TM.Com2013 – 20151 [Gold Medal]
21NaziyatajM.Com2013 – 20152
22Rajeswari.MM. Phil2013 – 20156
23Manimegalai.KM.Com2012 – 201410
24Suganya.A.KB.Com [C.A]2011 – 20143
25Pavithra.T.SB.Com [C.A]2011 – 20146
26Deepika.NB.Com2010 – 20131[Gold Medal]
27Murali.SB.Com2010 – 20133
28Naziya Taj.AB.Com [C.A]2010 – 20132
29Deepashree.MB.Com [C.A]2010 – 20133
30Pavithra.TM.Com2011 – 20133
31Suganya.MB.Com2009 – 20125
32Padmapriya.GB.Com2009 – 20126
33Bhavani.NB.Com [C.A]2009 – 20126
34Keerthi Priya.JM.Com2010 – 20123
35Komala.MM.Com2010 – 20125
36Rubini.RM.Com2010 – 20127
37Ayshwarya.SB.Com2008 – 20112
38Valliammai.VB.Com2008 – 20114
39Pavithra.TB.Com2008 – 20115
40Priyanga.MB.Com2007 – 20107
41Uma mageswari.RB.Com [C.A]2007 – 20106
42Cardine Jenifer.MB.Com [C.A]2007 – 20108
43Shenbaga.JM.Com2008 – 20106
44Deepa.KM.Com2008 – 201010
45Uma maheswari.GM. Phil2008 – 20101[Gold Medal]
46Ravi.VM. Phil2008 – 20102
47Sharmila.AB.Com2006 – 20091[Gold Medal]
48Shalini.DB.Com2006 – 20093
49Yasmin.AB.Com2006 – 20096
50Vedha.MB.Com2006 – 200910
51Sugana.VM.Com2007 – 200910
52Deepa.NB.Com2005 – 20081[Gold Medal]
53Harish Kumar.JB.Com2005 – 20085
54Komaladevi.RB.Com2004 – 20072



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