Fitness, Athletics & Sports

We have a long history of success. Our institution boasts an extensive track record of accomplishments spanning many years. Through consistent dedication and unwavering commitment, we have cultivated a legacy of triumphs, marking our enduring presence as a beacon of excellence in our field. Not but not the least,  MGR College boasts the highest representation in the Periyar University team

--> MGR College prioritizes the development of a dynamic sports culture among students, evident in our extensive campus amenities. Our 5-acre playground serves multiple purposes and is meticulously maintained to cater to various sporting activities.

--> The college's infrastructure supports both indoor and outdoor sports, offering facilities for football, hockey, cricket, kabaddi, and kho-kho. We provide two concrete basketball courts, three volleyball courts, and two tennis courts, accessible to students at all times. The auditorium serves as an indoor games hub, featuring carom and chess areas, a table-tennis court, and a boxing zone.

--> A dedicated 1200-meter athletics track enhances our sports offerings, promoting track and field events.Complementing our facilities, a fully-equipped gym is available to students to promote physical fitness.Our students have achieved significant success in intercollegiate, zonal, district, and national sports events.

--> MGR College boasts the highest representation in the Periyar University team, highlighting our commitment to excellence in sports. To support student athletes, we offer free accommodation and meals to those representing the university team, ensuring their active participation in sports activities.
  • Football Field:
             – Grass Field/mud field
  • Athletics Track:
             – 400 meters track with gallery
  • Hockey Field:
             – Grass field/mud field
  • Gym/Indoor Stadium:
             – Hydraulic gym or indoor stadiums with floodlight facilities
  • Cricket Field:
             – Turf wicket grass/mud field
             – International standard pavilion facilities
  • Multi-Court Sports Complex:

             – Four Kabaddi courts
             – Kho-Kho court
             – Table tennis court
             – Ball badminton court
             – Basketball court
             – Volleyball court
             – Tennis court
             – Shuttle court
             – Throwball court
             – Each with gallery and floodlight facilities


  • MGR College promotes physical fitness among students through a fully-equipped gym on campus.

  • The gym facility is available to students to support their fitness goals and overall well-being.

  • Students have access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment and resources to enhance their physical health.

  • Our focus on fitness extends beyond sports, offering opportunities for all students to prioritize their health and fitness.

  • By providing access to fitness facilities and resources, we aim to cultivate a culture of wellness and healthy living among our student body.

Sports & Athletics

Our goal is to achieve victory while simultaneously recognizing the transformative power of sports in fostering physical well-being, shaping character, and fostering a sense of community. Few of our key sports and athletics are

  • Volleyball  
  • Football  
  • Cricket  
  • Silambam  
  • Throwball  
  • Kabaddi  
  • Long Jump  
  • High Jump  
  • Shot Put  
  • Discus Throw  
  • Javelin Throw
  • 100m Running
  • 500m Running
  • Table tennis
  • Chess
  • Carrom
  • Wrestling
  • Boxing



Hall of fame - Recent Athletics & Sports Events

Date of the eventName of the Event/ActivityName of the organising Institution Participant Name
25/03/231St Khelo Womens Atheletic League Championship 2023"Tamilnadu Atheletic Association,J.N.Stadium,Chennai"Sandhiya.S
13/02/23District Level Sports Competition 2022-2023-Barrier JumpuingTamilnadu Sports Development Authority In Chief Minister TrophySandhiya.S
13/02/23District Level Sports Competition 2022-2023-Long JumpTamilnadu Sports Development Authority In Chief Minister TrophySandhiya.S
13/02/23District Level Sports Competition 2022-2023-AtheleticTamilnadu Sports Development Authority In Chief Minister TrophySandhiya.S
13/02/23District Level Sports Competition 2022-2023-KabaddiTamilnadu Sports Development Authority In Chief Minister TrophyAjay A
11/02/23Inter-Collegiate Tournaments 2022-2023-Cricket"Periyar University,Salem Held At Kandaswami Kandars College,Vellur,Namakkal"Arif.A/Dhanush.S/Karthick.K
05/01/23Sports Camp-Badminton"Agile Sports Academy,Hosur"
19/10/22Annual National Sports Fest 2022-Cricket"Pes University,Bangalore"Dhanraj R/Naveen Kumar/T Karthick K/Arif A
17/07/22Tamilnadu Dream Creation Event Management In Association-21Km Half Marathon"Rotary Clubs,Hosur"Amandeep Singh A
08/07/22Aghila India Veerkalai Munnetra Kazhagam-SilambamMj Indian Martial Arts AcademySudharshan T
01/07/22Silambam State Tournament-2022Silambam Theni District AssociationSudharshan T
06/03/225Th District Level Silambam Tournament-2022-Silambam CategorySilambam Krishnagiri District AssociationSudharshan T
05/01/22Mr.Krishnagiri-2022-Eagle Fitness GymKrishnagiri District Amateur Body Building Association Samuel C
30/12/21Little England International Fide Rating Chess Tournament- ChessViyugam Chess Academy And Ananthi Chess AcademyAshok Kumar J
19/12/2140Th Mr.Salem-2021 Bodybuilding ChampionshipTamilnadu Amateur Body Building AssociationSamuel C
20/03/23Shot Put"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
10/03/23Discus Throw"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
27/02/23High Jump"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
15/02/23Long Jump"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
27/01/23Carrom "M.G.R.College,Hosur"
27/10/22Volley Ball "M.G.R.College,Hosur"
17/10/22Foot Ball"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
26/09/22Javelin Throw"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
16/09/22500 M Running(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
06/09/22500 Mrunning(Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
23/08/22100 M Running(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
12/08/22100 M Running(Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
20/05/22100 M Dash(Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
13/05/22500 M Dash (Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
06/05/22100 M Dash(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
13/04/22500 M Dash (Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
25/03/22Long Jump(Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
17/03/22High Jump(Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
11/03/22Long Jump(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
14/03/22High Jump(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
10/12/21Cricket Tournament"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
03/12/21Carrom (Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
26/11/21Chess (Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
18/11/21Carrom (Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
12/11/21Chess (Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
29/10/21Throw Ball (Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
22/10/21Throw Ball (Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
08/10/21Javelin Throw(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
01/10/21Javelin Throw(Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
24/09/21Discus Throw(Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
20/09/21Discus Throw(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
13/09/21Foot Ball"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
24/01/20Volley Ball "M.G.R.College,Hosur"
10/01/20Badminton "M.G.R.College,Hosur"
03/01/20Throw Ball "M.G.R.College,Hosur"
18/10/19100M Dash(Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
11/10/19100M Dash(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
20/09/19500M Dash(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
13/09/19500M Dash(Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
22/08/19Chess (Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
02/08/19Long Jump"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
26/07/19Javelin Throw (Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
18/07/19Javelin Throw (Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
12/07/19Discus Throw(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
15/03/19100M Dash(Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
01/03/19100M Dash(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
08/02/19500M Dash(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
25/01/19500M Dash(Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
21/12/18Volley Ball "M.G.R.College,Hosur"
14/12/18Badminton "M.G.R.College,Hosur"
07/12/18Throw Ball "M.G.R.College,Hosur"
12/10/18Kho Kho"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
05/10/18Badminton "M.G.R.College,Hosur"
28/09/18Basket Ball"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
20/09/18Table Tennis(Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
14/09/18Table Tennis(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
24/08/18Chess (Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
10/08/18Javelin Throw (Boys)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
03/08/18Javelin Throw (Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
27/07/18Discus Throw(Girls)"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
20/07/18Discus Throw(Boys))"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
29/06/18Long Jump"M.G.R.College,Hosur"
23/03/19National Throwball ChampionshipThrowball Federation Of IndiaGoldina Rose J
29/01/19Chief Minister Trophy-District Level Sports&Games Meet 2018-2019-KabaddiSports Development Authority Of TamilnaduSindhuja S
02/12/1821St Women Senior National Wrestling Championship-50KgWrestling Federation Of IndiaRanjitha G
19/11/181St Leg Cricket South India Series-Cricket"Leg Cricket Association-Telangana And Don Bosco Academy,Nalgonda,Telangana"Althmas B
31/10/18Inter -Collegiate Athletic Meet 2018-2019-Wrestling 70 Kg"Periyar University,Salem"Ranjith Kumar A
31/10/18Inter -Collegiate Athletic Meet 2018-2019-Wrestling 65 Kg"Periyar University,Salem"Priyadharshini J
15/10/18Inter -Collegiate Athletic Meet 2018-2019-Discuss Throw"Periyar University,Salem"Ranjith Kumar A
27/09/18Style Women National Wrestlling Championship-50KgRajasthan Wrestling AssociationRanjitha G
03/09/18Inter -Collegiate Tournaments 2018-2019-Cricket"Periyar University,Salem"Choukathali N
04/09/18Inter -Collegiate Tournaments 2018-2019-Cricket"Periyar University,Salem"Surendar C
05/09/18Inter -Collegiate Tournaments 2018-2019-Cricket"Periyar University,Salem"Murali S
06/09/18Inter -Collegiate Tournaments 2018-2019-Cricket"Periyar University,Salem"Boopalan V
25/08/18Wrestling Championship 2018-2019-53KgTamilnadu Amateur Wrestling AssociationVaishnavi R

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