Career and Placements

The Career and Placement Cell at our college is dedicated to providing valuable opportunities for students.

Led by a proficient team, including a Training and Placement Officer and faculty representatives from every department, the cell collaborates with industry HR departments and alumni to ensure quality placements.

It actively facilitates student and faculty training sessions, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

The placement cell constantly communicates with industry partners relevant to each specialization, organizing campus placement visits.

Committed to enhancing career prospects, it plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between academia and industry, nurturing the professional growth of students, and maintaining strong connections with the alumni network.


  • The MGR College Placement Cell aims to make available quality placement opportunities for students by maintaining linkages with Human Resource Departments in Industry and Research Institutions.

  • The alumni of the institute also play a dynamic role in this venture. The placement cell is headed by the Training and Placement Officer (TPO), with one Faculty Coordinator, and has a faculty representative from each department under the MGR College umbrella.

  • These representatives are the conveners of student and faculty-level training.

  • The placement cell is responsible for maintaining contact with industries specific to their specialization and arranging campus placement visits.
    Apart from faculty representation, the students from each class are represented as placement coordinators.

  • Regular meetings of TPO with student coordinators are held every fortnight for dissemination of information regarding placement.

  • Separate WhatsApp groups are maintained for sharing model question papers, company profiles, resume preparation, student data registration, result declaration, event updates, and circulars related to Placement drives.

  • Every year an average of 500+ students are offered in various reputed organizations.

  • Numerous training programs were conducted for 6 months by 50+ trainers to expose the students to the importance of career counseling and placement.

  • The prime focus of the training was to update the students with the skills that are required to cater to their needs in career development.

  • In the training program special emphasis was given to the areas related to aptitude, soft skills, stress management, Group Discussion Interview Skills, and overall personality development.

  • Activity-based training and mock interviews were also conducted to help the students fetch knowledge concerning the demands and expectations of the industries related to placement.

  • During the academic years 2019-2020 & 2020-2021, IBM’s & NASSCOM’s “New Collar Employability Skills Training programme” was offered by iPrimed Solutions Pvt. Ltd., as a part of CSR Initiatives. Nearly 700 students have attended the Training program and trained in Cloud, Data Science, Data Analytics, R-Studios, and Tableau

Soft Skills

  • With the evolution of the business and client servicing industry, soft skills have started gaining more importance. But the skills are not limited to just client or customer-based jobs.

  • Today, every role requires soft skills, and that’s how soft skill training is becoming a norm in every industry. Soft Skill training is working on personal attributes, communication abilities, personality traits, etc. which are important socially and professionally.

  • These skills help the students with a lot of things in the workplace. Soft skills play an important role in the success and growth of a person


  • A special Orientation programme is conducted during the induction for the newly admitted students along with their parents. Induction training is a pioneering tool, which helps to make the students to get acquaint with the institution’s culture.

  • Every new joiner needs to undergo the Induction to get more familiarity on the institutions practices and make them comfort to complete their courses and pursue their degree.

Pre - Placement & Placement Training

  • The Pre- Placement Training method consists of 3 Modules, for first-year students the Training Programme consists of Life Skills Training & Personality Development Training.

  • For the second-year students’ communication, essay writing, and aptitude training and the final-year students’ résumé preparation, mock group discussions, and mock interviews.

  • Participating in all three modules of training helps the students to equip and prepare themselves to crack the rounds of interviews when they appear and also to make them employable.

Members of Placement Cell

  • 1. Mr.R.Muralidharan, M.B.A.,M.Com.,MSW., (Ph.D.)

    Assistant Professor in Management Studies, Training & Placement Officer Career and Placement Counselling Cell

  • 2. Dr.G.Mayelvaganan, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

    Asst. Professor & Head Mathematics Guidance for Competitive Examination Cell

  • 3. Mr.G.P.Logesh, M.C.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.

    Asst. Professor in Computer Applications Centre for Soft Skills Development

  • 4. Mr.M.Vinoth, M.A., M.Phil.,

    Asst. Professor in English Member, Centre for Soft Skills Development

  • 5. Ms.S.Dharani, M.A., M.Phil.,

    Asst. Professor in English SPOC- Naan Mudhalvan Scheme Member, Centre for Soft Skills Development

Placement Training

  • Every Placement registered student at MGR College would undergo Training on Soft skills and Specific Technical skills mainly focused on the industry needs.

  • All the soft skill training programme are conducted by the Centre for Soft Skill Development (CSSD).

  • The following programs were conducted by the Training and Placement Cell in recent years. 

  1. Hindustan Unilever Limited’s “Prabhat” two days Training Programme on Up-Skilling Programme in CV and Interview Preparation during 2018-2019

  2. IBM’s & NASSCOM’s “New Collar Employability Skills Training Programme” by iPrimed Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru – During 2019-2020 & 2020-2021

  3. IBM’s & NASSCOM’s “Open P-TECH IBM’s Skills Build for Students and Educators” – During 2021-2022

  4. Barclays “Life Skills Training Program” by Global Talent Track during 2021-2022

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