Vision & Mission

M.G.R College's

To elevate M.G.R College as a centre of excellence in the field of higher education, making it intellectually stimulating and academically rewarding with sustainable core competence in all its activities.


The vision of the college is attained by committing to excellence in arts and science education, research and development through perpetual interaction with industries in a holistic concern for values, environment, and the society.

Quality Policy

The college is committed for quality education, industry focused skills and nurturing right kind of attitudes. This will be achieved by

  • Delivering of the academic contents
  • Promoting open source learning following and holding approach in all practical classes and
  • Encouraging self and group learning
  • Internal Assessment will be guiding the students to understand their learning achievements and areas of improvement.
  • We subject ourselves both for internal and external Quality Assessment.
  • We share, receive inputs and obtain regular feedbacks from all our stakeholders.



    of our students successfully graduate and begin their career development.

    --> Our vision aligns with the commitment of preparing students for success and leadership in the evolving creative job market.

    --> Also it emphasises the broader goal of creating knowledge that contributes to a better understanding of the world and works towards improving conditions for communities, both at the local and global levels.

    --> In essence, our vision aligns with the development of well-rounded individuals equipped with skills for professional success and a sense of responsibility for positive societal impact.