M.G.R college library provides a comprehensive range of resources, including books, journals, and newspapers, to support the academic pursuits of its students and faculty. Utilizing modern automation software, the library offers efficient circulation services and online access to its catalog through the OPAC system.

Patrons benefit from institutional memberships with various organizations, enhancing access to additional resources. Operating on an Open Access System, the library encourages browsing and selection of materials, facilitating ease of use for its users. With a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its academic community, the MGR college library serves as a vital hub for research and learning.



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The MGR College library houses an extensive collection comprising 33,605 volumes of books, alongside subscriptions to 50 national and international journals and 250 e-journals. Additionally, it offers access to 17 newspapers and maintains 350 bound volumes of journals. Organized systematically, the library employs the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme for book arrangement and the Anglo American Catalogue Rule – II for cataloging. Moreover, it features CD-ROMs to enhance digital resources. This comprehensive array of resources, combined with modern cataloging and classification methodologies, ensures efficient access and utilization for students and faculty alike.

The MGR College library has embraced an Open Access System, allowing users unrestricted access to browse and select books and other resources freely from the stacks. Organized according to the Dewey decimal classification, the reading materials are systematically arranged for easy navigation. Shelf guides are conveniently placed at stack racks to assist users in locating specific books according to their needs. This user-friendly approach ensures that patrons can effortlessly find the materials they require, facilitating a conducive environment for research and academic exploration.

TICT (Information and Communication Technology),INFLIBNET, DELNET (Developing Library Network – Delhi), ELTI (English Language Teachers Association of India – Chennai), and BCL (British Council Library, Bangalore) are institutional members affiliated with the MGR College library. These memberships provide access to a wealth of resources and networks, enhancing the library’s offerings and supporting academic and research endeavors. Through these affiliations, users can leverage various services, databases, and collaborative opportunities to enrich their learning and scholarly pursuits.

Technologies Used

The MGR College library boasts advanced automation features to streamline its services efficiently. Utilizing the Autolib software package, all library operations are fully automated, including circulation systems that are computerized and documents that are barcoded for easy tracking. The QS600 Scanner facilitates swift charging and discharging of books, enhancing user experience.

Access to the library’s extensive collection is made convenient through its computerized catalogue, accessible online via the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). This user-friendly interface enables patrons to search for documents by various criteria such as author, title, subject, keyword, and publisher. With two dedicated nodes in the reference section and campus-wide access, users can seamlessly navigate the library’s resources, fostering an environment conducive to research and learning.

ACE Centralized Library

In addition to the campus library, students can also utilize the centralized library at Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, which boasts four floors and houses over 150,000 books. Moreover, the library offers access to more than 300 national and international journals, enriching students’ academic resources. With a seating capacity exceeding 500 students at a time, the library provides ample space for study and research activities, fostering an environment conducive to learning and intellectual exploration.


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