B.Sc [Hotel Management & Catering Science]

In Hotel Management & Catering Science, students develop culinary skills, hotel management expertise, and event planning abilities. They gain hands-on training in food preparation, customer service, and accommodation operations. 

The program focuses on fostering leadership, teamwork, and effective communication, crucial for success in the hospitality industry. Business insights, including financial management and marketing, is also emphasized. Students learn to navigate industry technologies and uphold ethical standards. 

This holistic development equips graduates for diverse roles in culinary arts, hotel management, and event coordination, preparing them for a dynamic and rewarding career in the expansive realm of hospitality.


Established in 1993, the Department of Hotel Management & Catering Science is well-equipped with extensive infrastructure and laboratories. Providing top-notch education aligned with international hospitality standards, the department focuses on fostering professional competence among students. The program encompasses four key areas: Food Production, Food and Beverage Service, Front Office, and Accommodation Operation.

Our department maintains strong connections with employers across various hospitality sectors, creating abundant employment opportunities for graduates in mid and upper management positions. Students undergo comprehensive preparation for diverse aspects of the hospitality industry, including Core Operations, Management, Sales, and Marketing.

Our curriculum emphasizes a blend of theory and hands-on learning experiences, offering students ample opportunities to engage with industry professionals. Additionally, students benefit from real-life training programs seamlessly integrated into their daily activities, facilitating on-the-job training. The program’s design is a result of collaboration with experts and industry professionals.

In 2023, our catering department joyously celebrated its Pearl Jubilee, marking an impressive 30 years of culinary excellence and service. This significant milestone represents three decades of dedication to providing exceptional catering services, culinary innovation, and memorable dining experiences.

Throughout the years, our department has continually evolved, adapting to changing tastes and trends while maintaining a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The Pearl Jubilee celebration serves as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of our catering team, as well as the enduring relationships we have cultivated with our clients and community over the years

Program Learning Outcomes

The global nature of the hospitality industry also provides opportunities for international careers and exposure. As the industry evolves, there is a continuous demand for skilled professionals with expertise in hotel management and catering sciences. Graduates can choose to specialize in specific areas based on their interests and career goals.

Career Opportunities

A degree in Hotel Management and Catering Sciences opens up a wide range of career opportunities in the hospitality and service industry. Graduates in this field are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in various roles within hotels, restaurants, catering services, and related sectors. Here are some common career opportunities:

  1. Hotel Management:
    • General Manager
    • Front Office Manager
    • Housekeeping Manager
    • Food and Beverage Manager
    • Events Manager
  2. Catering and Banquet Services:
    • Catering Manager
    • Banquet Manager
    • Catering Sales Manager
    • Event Planner
  3. Restaurant Management:
    • Restaurant Manager
    • Assistant Restaurant Manager
    • Bar Manager
    • Kitchen Manager
  4. Food and Beverage Services:
    • Food and Beverage Supervisor
    • Sommelier
    • Barista
    • Waitstaff
  5. Tourism and Hospitality Marketing:
    • Sales and Marketing Manager
    • Public Relations Manager
    • Revenue Manager
  6. Hospitality Consulting:
    • Consultant for hospitality businesses
    • Quality Assurance Manager
  7. Entrepreneurship:
    • Start and manage your own restaurant, catering business, or hospitality-related venture.
  8. Event Management:
    • Event Manager
    • Wedding Planner
    • Conference Organizer
  9. Hotel Development and Planning:
    • Project Manager for hotel construction and development
  10. Airline Catering:
    • Catering Manager for airlines
  11. Cruise Ship Management:
    • Positions in food and beverage, guest services, and management on cruise ships.
  12. Institutional Catering:
    • Catering services for educational institutions, hospitals, and corporate offices.
  13. Facility Management:
    • Overseeing the overall operations of facilities and ensuring their efficiency.
  14. Teaching and Training:
    • Academic roles in hospitality education institutions.

These career paths showcase the versatility of a degree in Hotel Management and Catering Sciences, allowing graduates to explore various facets of the dynamic and growing hospitality industry.

Why choose HMCS @ M.G.R College?

1. Top Infrastructure with all necessary equipments

2. Well Equipped Spacious Laboratories

3. Well Educated, Experienced & Supportive Faculties

4. Ensures placement and offers training opportunities.

5. Industry Exposure Training (IET) in Top Branded 5 Star Hotels

6. Centralized Library with Adequate books

7. Boys & Girls Separate Hostel

8. All in One Campus (Food Court, Indoor & Outdoor Games)

9. Multi language Faculties & Students

10. Practical Focus in Curriculum

11. Guest Lectures from Industry experts

Industry Institute Interaction

  • The program adopts a multi-dimensional curriculum approach, featuring activities such as indoor and outdoor catering.
  • The primary goal is to bridge the gap between the industry and the institute.
  • Industry experts are regularly invited for lectures, updating students on current hospitality trends.
  • Annual concepts focus on “Train the student & Enhance the student,” evaluating and upgrading their knowledge.
  • The program helps students align with industry expectations sustainably.
  • Emphasis on complete technical education and grooming students’ personalities for industry standards and changing hospitality demands.
  • Aims to contribute to society, enhance quality of life through knowledge, and become a center of excellence in hospitality education.
  • Focus on building students’ abilities and qualities for success in the domain.

Hospitality Partners

  • Le Méridien, Cochin
  • Hyatt Regency, Chennai
  • Park Sheraton, Chennai
  • Lemon Tree, Bengaluru
  • Titan (Industrial Catering) Etc.,

Message from HOD's Desk

“We have nurtured successful entrepreneurs and confident hoteliers, fostering leaders who actively contribute to the department and the industry’s success. With nearly 30 years in the field of hospitality education, our primary goal is to ensure quality education. Our dedicated faculty, along with alumni and students, consistently explores innovative concepts and ideas to meet the evolving demands of the next generation hospitality market.”



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