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The Research Council at MGR College in Hosur plays a vital role in overseeing internal research activities. It aims to foster innovative scientific ideas leading to Ph.D. degrees and secures funding from various governmental bodies.Acting as a bridge between educators and researchers, it ensures progress through regular evaluations and discussions.

The council encourages departments to upgrade to research centers and supports teachers and scholars in their research endeavors. With increased funding and opportunities, it motivates faculty and scholars to publish in esteemed journals and participate in academic events worldwide.


The MGR College in Hosur, Researchers Council is the organization that makes decisions about internal research activity. It operates with the goal of disseminating and promoting novel scientific and research concepts leading to Ph. D degrees as well as launching funding assistance from various governmental organizations. 

It serves as a link between educators, researchers, and scientists who are engaged in different fields of study. Every six months, the research scholars are asked by the Research Council to examine their work in progress and provide a report. Giving the scholars appropriate deadlines and instructions assists the research departments and the supervisors. 

The forum’s participants gather on a regular basis and discuss their concerns, opinions, and ideas on research and development. The Research Council invites departments without research programmes to upgrade to research centre status by submitting an application. Teachers are given the correct guidance and assistance when undertaking both significant and little research assignments.

The number of research aids, such as DST-SERB, DBT aid, ATAL ranking, etc., has increased over the past five years, along with the number of research guides, research scholars, and doctorate fellows. The Research Council exhorts academic staff and research scholars to publish their findings in reputable national and international peer-reviewed publications. 

With introduction and refresher courses, it encourages full participation in national and international seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Objectives and Functioning of the Cell

  • Faculty are urged by the Research Council to accept departmental or multidisciplinary research projects from local, national, and worldwide funding organizations.
  • It encourages consulting for problems relating to the research field and also keeps track of the consulting services provided by each research department.
  • The council encourages the current faculty to engage in excellent research and earn PhD degrees.
  • Nearly all of the faculty members at the college currently hold PhD degrees.
  • It starts and promotes setting up invited lectures in a broad way through the research centers to familiarize new research fields.
  • It always pays tribute to individuals who have achieved in the field of study.

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Composition of Research Council Cell


    Research Co-Ordinator, Research Centre in Biotechnology, M.G.R College

  • 2. Dr.J.M.MURUGAN

    Research Council Member, PG & Research Centre in Biotechnology, M.G.R College

  • 3. Dr. K.SURESH

    Research Council Member, PG & Research Centre in Biotechnology, M.G.R College